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COVID-19 YES – We are open!

Animals and pests do not take external factors such as COVID-19 into consideration when invading your home. As such, pest control and animal removal services are deemed an “essential service”. With that being said, for everyone’s safety, please keep in mind that it is typically possible for us to remove wildlife from your home without […]

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Coronaviris Update

Please don’t wait to call us if you are hearing noises in your attic! This is breeding time for squirrels and raccoons. If you wait to call, there is a good chance that the wildlife will have a litter in your attic and the time, effort, and cost to remove the wildlife is greater. We […]

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Artwork For My Refrigerator!

Still one of my favorite posts.  May have happened a couple years ago but helping people out always creates fond memories that last a lifetime! It has been several years since I have had artwork for on my refrigerator!  Thanks to a customer’s daughter I do now! Skunks were traveling through their yard every night […]

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