Raccoons, also known as the “Masked Bandit” are a popular nuisance and like to make homes in attics, chimneys, under porches and decks, and garages. They have become comfortable around humans and have adapted well to finding food in bird feeders, pet food bowls, garbage cans, and gardens.

Common reasons for raccoon removals:

  • Damage to the exterior of homes
  • Living chimneys to raise young
  • Contamination of feces and urine in attics and crawlspaces
  • Contamination of spas, pools and fountains
  • Destruction of ornamental ponds and fish
  • Entry into homes through pet doors
  • Killing of poultry and other small animals
  • Foraging through garbage cans and dumpsters
  • Lawn and garden damage

Suburban Wildlife Solutions offers expert raccoon removal services. We can trap and/or exclude these animals from your attic, chimney and under your porch or deck – safely and efficiently.  Please call us at 920-228-1033

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