Mice in my House

We often wonder how mice are entering a structure when the building appears to be soundly constructed with no obvious gaps or openings for the mice to enter.

Here are some physical capabilities of the house mouse:

Mice can squeeze through an opening only slightly larger than ¼” in diameter.

They can jump more than 30” from the floor to an elevated surface.

Or they can jump against a wall or vertical flat surface, using it as a springboard to gain additional heights.

They can climb any rough vertical surface. From wood, to brick or climb anything from a string to a rope with no hesitation

They can run along electrical and telephone lines to enter buildings.

They are capable swimmers.

Mice have a keen sense of smell that give them an extraordinary ability to search out food.

They will jump from heights of 6-8 feet without hesitation and have fallen several stories without injury.

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