Dead animal removal.

In the unfortunate event that a dead animal is present in or near your home or business there’s no one better to call than Suburban Wildlife Solutions, LLC.

Animals can die at any time of year and can happen almost anywhere. We commonly remove deceased animals from crawl spaces, behind walls, under decks and stoops, under sheds, etc.

Removing dead animals is a commonly requested service at Suburban Wildlife Solutions LLC.  We will locate and remove any dead animals from your residence so you do not have to see or smell it.  No matter how disturbing the situation, we will take care of your dead animal problems. When you call for a quote, one of the first things we need to know is whether the animal is inside or outside your home. (If you smell something from inside your home, more times than not it is a dead mouse in the wall) Once we have a basic understanding of where the animal is located we can go over your removal options and provide you an accurate quote.

Call Suburban Wildlife Solutions LLC. at 920-228-1033 for removal!

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