How many times can a skunk spray? The not so sweet smell of success!

Yesterday I removed 2 baby skunks from a business in Chilton, Wisconsin.  These adorable creatures had just emerged from the den and were only a couple weeks old and were too young to spray… or so I the textbook says  …..adorable and harmless, till I put them in the back of my truck…….they then decided they were old enough to spray….. needless to say no one is going to steal anything out of my truck anytime soon!

In my experience, (very unfortunate experience at times), skunks can spray up to 8 times in a very short period of time.  Like 8 in 15 minutes.   This green snot like substance can travel about 10-15 feet and comes at a velocity that is hard to avoid.  This substance can cause temporary blindness and definitely makes a person stop what they are doing and rethink their options.

Skunks are the number one carrier of rabies in Wisconsin so they cannot be legally relocated.





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