Fixing Animal Damage to your Home -> Rule # 1 = IS THE ANIMAL OUT?

A recent caller said she had something ripping apart her basement!  She did not know what it was, but the water heater did not work and they were afraid to go downstairs because of all the noise!  After doing the inspection and visiting with the customer, it was found that a hole in the roof was patched 2 days before.  Unfortunately the raccoon was still in the house and was now had no way of getting out!  The raccoon made to the basement through an interior wall, chewed a hole to get to the basement and shredded everything in the basement looking for a way out.  In it’s panic it had ran around and unplugged the water heater as well!  Suburban Wildlife Solutions LLC. was able to remove the large male raccoon and seal up all the entry points.  (We even re-plugged in the water heater!)

Fixing and repairing any hole or damage to your home should proceed only when you know the animal is out of the home!  This may sound obvious, but many times the holes appear to be old and the homeowner quickly fixes the problem as soon as they notice the damage.

Animals, especially raccoons and squirrels, will either go crazy trying to get out. Thus causing more structural damage to your home or belongings trying to get out!  The other alternative is that they die inside your attic which is not something pleasant to deal with.

Contact a professional animal removal company like Suburban Wildlife Solutions LLC. to do an inspection of your home at 920-228-1033.   We are experienced in identifying if the animal is still inside your home and professionally sealing the access points.

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