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Opossum Success!

Thank you for making the potential opossum removal a positive experience. I found very refreshing the fact that you answered the call promptly and were able to work out a plan to act on the situation quickly as possible. Your kindness, professionalism, and compassion were greatly appreciated. I have already spread the word that you’re […]

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How to get rid of Muskrats?

Muskrats are common and live in every county in Wisconsin. Muskrats live in ponds, streams, drainage ditches, marshes, lakes, and rivers. Muskrats burrow into the banks, beginning underwater and angling upward until the tunnel is above the water level. Above the water line they will hollow out a living chamber. Yards of dirt are sometimes […]

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Suburban Wildlife Solutions LLC Offers Nuisance Wildlife Control

We are a full-service nuisance wildlife control company serving NorthEast Wisconsin. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife removal and damage remediation for both residential and commercial customers. We handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control. Resolving conflicts between people and wildlife in a humane professional manner. Call us for at (920) 228-1033 to discuss […]

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